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Jason Stampfli | NMLS#282831

Senior Mortgage Advisor

Kevin T. Litwicki | NMLS#289959

Senior Mortgage Advisor

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Jason Stampfli | Owner, Sr. Mortgage Advisor

He’s a man on a mission to improve every aspect of the mortgage experience. He opened Stampfli Mortgage in his hometown of Verona on the very street he grew up on. He offers extensive education to homeowners so they feel comfortable every step of the way. His laid-back, no-pressure attitude allows him to learn from his borrowers so he can offer better solutions to fit their needs.

Jason chose to ride the ups and downs of the mortgage industry for over fourteen years. He weathered the changes in the economy and survived some of the most difficult times for the mortgage industry. Through it all, he dreamed of forming his own company and expanding his practices. He wanted to break free and infuse his own standards without any corporate roadblocks. It took guts, grit and a great girl by his side to make the initial leap. Making his own dream happen has allowed him to help so many others achieve their own dreams.

Being a business owner has its challenges. There are always decisions to be make, fires to be put out, research to be done and many directions to be pulled in. It’s a lot to juggle but completely worth it. He has created a great work environment and offers top notch service.

Although Jason is busy at work, he also makes time for family and friends. You may find him tossing the football in the back yard with the kids, or tossing the ball down the bowling alley for a perfect game. Golf remains a favorite passion, so you can find him hitting the links every opportunity he gets. Somehow, he manages to fit in expert grilling and putting together all the playhouses, toys and furniture his wife conveniently orders online.

It’s great to have support from someone who is always up for a challenge. Jason enjoys rolling up his sleeves and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. His no-quit attitude has lead him through many successes. He has built a reputation of trust, compassion and tenacity. That reputation has lead him to where his is today. The fearless leader of Stampfli Mortgage.

Cindi Stampfli | Owner, Office Manager

So, how exactly does a girl go from Registered Nurse to co-owner of a mortgage company? She marries an ambitious man driven to infuse integrity into the mortgage industry. She believes in his vision of promoting education for homeowners and building relationships. It wasn’t easy to leave nursing after fifteen years, but it was easy to follow Jason’s dream.

Although Cindi may not work on loans, she did complete her rigorous training and she passed the national exam. Learning a completely new industry can be challenging, but it’s also revitalizing. Everything is new and interesting…but let’s be real, it can be a little overwhelming.

If she’s not taking loan applications, then what does this co-owner do? Depends who you ask really. Her kids would say she turns up the music in her office and has a jolly party all day. One kid even referred to the Stampfli Mortgage office as a “mullet”. You know, the historic haircut that’s short in front and long in back. The eldest boy, Blake, says “it’s all business in front and all party in the back of the office”. The truth is when the rest of the office is busy working on residential mortgages, Cindi does the "officey" stuff. A little website design, social media, marketing, networking, event planning, compliance, accounting, lender correspondence, and so on.

Cindi is also pretty active at home too. Three kiddo will keep you on your toes. They each attend different schools and have different interests…everything from ballet to HAM radios. Cindi is involved in her church and community. She helps with Sunday School and Youth Group and is a member of the Verona Area Chamber of Commerce. Although a little busy, there’s always time to cheer on the Badger’s and the Packers or throw together a BBQ or dinner party with friends and family.

If you ask Cindi, she’ll say she was born and raised in Madison. The truth is, she was born on an Air Force base in Spokane, WA; but only lived there for about 6 months. She graduated Memorial High School, which happens to be her mom’s alma mater; and went to MATC for nursing school (also, her mom’s alma mater). She moved from Madison to Verona in 2005 and has firmly planted her roots in Hometown USA.”

Kevin T. Litwicki | Sr. Mortgage Advisor

Another story of extreme career changes. Kevin went from Park Ranger for White River National Forest in Colorado to becoming a Senior Mortgage Advisor in the great state of Wisconsin. Makes perfect sense that he would return to his home state of WI, but he probably surprised a few when he traded in his ranger hat for a suit and tie. Funny how life can lead you down substantially different paths at different times in your life.

Kevin originally returned to the Milwaukee area to be closer to his then girlfriend, now wife, Julie. Some people say they’d move a mountain for the ones they love, this guy left a mountain for the beautiful love of his life. In 2004 the couple moved to the Madison area to put down roots and start a family. Now raising three kids and chasing after a puppy keeps them pretty busy.

He’s not just a residential mortgage expert. He coaches and manages his adult league hockey team and has managed to turn his children into hockey fans as well. They all love the ice and his son, the youngest of the three, is in his second hockey season himself. Wisconsin winters are no problem for this guy. If he isn’t on the ice, he’s likely to be snowboarding through fresh powder somewhere. Kevin’s a well-rounded guy though, he loves his music just as much as his sports. He and his wife make an annual pilgrimage to New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, as well as attending live music whenever and wherever they can.

So how exactly did Kevin so quickly become part of the Stampfli team? Well, after ten years of working together with Jason, this was not the time to split up. The success of Stampfli Mortgage hinders on being able to know and trust your mortgage advisors. You need to believe your team is made up of people with the same high standards and integrity. Kevin has the knowledge and the experience to be a great mortgage advisor. More importantly, he truly cares about his clients and you can’t teach that.

Ben Krug | Mortgage Loan Processor

This guy is the tether that holds it all together. He does the chasing and following up, the digging and the updating. It takes determination and keen problem solving skills to be a processor. Ben has those attributes and more. He never turns down a challenge and he offers great ideas.

Ben is new to the mortgage broker setting, so being a fast learner has played to his advantage. His financial background was in banking, which he quickly learned was a bit different. Stampfli Mortgage focuses on quality interactions rather than huge quantities. He has a chance to learn about his customers, take a journey with them and become genuinely excited by their success.

When he isn't busy at work, Ben has an exciting home life. Being a first time father comes with great joy and great mystification. He claims this son of his is great, sleeps through the night and is just a great baby in general. Obviously the kiddo takes after Ben's lovely wife Ashley.

Quite honestly, Ben seems to do it all. He's great at work, loving husband and father, accomplished gardener, great home cook, sports enthusiast, enjoys entertaining family and friends, and on and on. It's fun having him in the office and it's great to see him learn and grow.

Coming from a small town where his family owned a hardware store, it just felt right to join the Stampfli team. His first job was in the mom and pop shop owned by his family. Now he works in an exciting, new, mom and pop mortgage broker shop located right outside of Madison, Wisconsin.