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I was contemplating refinancing, but didn’t exactly know what to do.  I contacted my bank but, they stated I would need to have a large sum of money for closing costs which I didn’t have.  I received a letter in the mail from Jason Stampfli.  I called him.  He was straight to the point, told me what information I needed to gather, and within 14 business days my loan was processed.  The process went smoothly, Jason was very helpful, and I would recommend him to anyone!

Cori & Miguel (Racine)

We would like to say a thousand thank you’s to Jason from our entire family.  We know Jason worked his magic more than once and stayed on so many things to make purchasing a property a reality for us.  Jason did an amazing job and are one of the few people that have believed in us enough to help us out.  Our dream would not have happened if it wasn’t for Jason!

Stacy & Eric (Lake Mills)

As first time homebuyers, we worked with Jason Stampfli on the purchase of our duplex.  Not only was he extremely helpful, but he also made everything very easy for us to understand.  Since we were new to the loan process, he provided excellent guidance and helped us build an understanding of the process from day one.  His knowledge and professionalism are apparent, which put us very much at ease and allowed us to build a strong comfort level with him.  When working with Jason you can expect great customer service and prompt answers to your questions.  He was an invaluable resource for us and we will definitely use him again for our next loan!

Nick & Jenna (Madison)

I had talked to Jason a year before I bought my house and he helped me to understand the process of getting a loan and the steps that I personally needed to do.  With his hard work, he was able to get me a very low interest rate even though my credit score was not so good.  Additionally, he was able to find me a mortgage that gave me credit, which we used towards insurance and closing costs with little money down.  I am truly happy with his hard work and would recommend Jason to anyone including my friends and family.

Phalanseng (Madison)

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